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Dream dictionary

Everybody has dreams. You dream throughout your life, every night, even several times a night.

It's just you don't remember them when you wake up. In that case your dream doesn't transgress the limits of your consciousness. Sometimes, however, you wake up and clearly remember what you dreamt. Every now and again you ask yourself where that dream came from and whether it might mean something.

It's important to know that for the interpretation of your dreams your personal situation has to be taken into account. Everybody's different and no two dreams are alike. The imagery you see in your dreams belong to the realm of language and mythology. Therefore it is impossible to give a general and satisfactory explanation of all symbols and imagery that appear in dreams.

What you will find here, is an interpretation of imagery that generally appears in dreams. This interpretation can be used as an aid for interpreting your dream. Pay attention to every detail of your dream and put it in the context of your personal situation. In that way your dream may appear in a whole new light.

Are you curious? Don't hesitate any longer and explore the world of dreams and the subconscious! Select the first letter of the subject you've dreamt about below.

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