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Ik ga akkoord!


"Love yields in one moment what years of effort can hardly attain" (Goethe)

Love is what makes the world go round. Everybody is searching for that intimate relationship, a close friendship and love for each other. Love is sometimes called 'energy of life'.

Within astrology, Venus and Mars are the planets of love. They are magnetically drawn towards each other. These two planetary forces are active in all of us, but in everybody they are unique. They determine your talents and how you approach relationships.
The personal love horoscopes make this insightful for you.

In addition to the insight you get from your love horoscope, it is of course just as important to learn to understand the other person. Miscommunication and prejudice are often the cause of misunderstanding between people.
The relationship horoscopes help you understand your relationship and each other. If you learn to understand each other you can accept the other person for what he or she is and love the people around you unconditionally.

Love is all, enjoy it!
Because: if love is the answer, there's no need to ask questions.

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