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"Unconditional love is to fully let someone else be him or herself"

Why is it that you get along with one person so well from the start, while you haven't got anything to say to someone else?

The position of the planets when you are born influence your personality and this holds for the people you meet as well.

The constellations and birth horoscopes of individual people mutually influence a relationship. This is not only the case in love but concerns everybody whom you have "a relationship with".

Just as is the case with a normal horoscope, a relationship horoscope is derived from a relationship drawing. The relationship drawing shows the position of the planets on the dates of your birth. The astrologer then looks at the connections that exist between the planets. This gives you insight into your relationships and why they are what they are. Besides, you cab gain from it useful information about how to improve relationships.
In short, consulting a relationship horoscope is virtually compulsory for anyone who'd like to understand the other person better or likes to get the maximum out of the people around him or her!

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